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Located in the Bootheel
Primary Care Clinic

Tips for Faster Service

  • Call refills ahead of time.
    • When possible, use the Rx 2 Go app on your iPhone or Android device, web refill, or call in the prescription number.
    • When using the web refill there is no need to sign up for anything. The web refill is great for home health nurses and aids to use to have multiple patients medications refilled at once.
  • Utilize drive-thru for pick-up and drop-off only, when possible.
    • As a courtesy to other customers, please do not wait at the window while your prescription is being filled if cars are behind you.
  • This allows other customers in line to pick-up or drops off their prescriptions also.
  • Please be patient.
    • We value YOU as a customer just as much as the person in front of you.
  • And always remember, we sincerely appreciate your business and will do anything possible to accommodate your prescription needs.
Various Medication Pills